Our Cat or Dog Door Through a Wall

We supply and install high quality durable cat and dog doors manufactured by PetSafe® (https://au.petsafe.net). Wall Entry Pet Door gives your cats and dogs freedom to go in or out without asking for your help to open the door—perfect for potty breaks or play time. Your pet deserves the best.

PetSafe® Staywell® Aluminium Pet Door is great for homes where installation in a door might not be possible. Designed to withstand wear and tear, the metal frame with its reinforced aluminium corners is great for dogs and multi-pet households. The magnetic, tinted flap, weather stripping and a slide-in closing panel gives you protection against drafts and outdoor temperatures. You can also use the slide-in closing panel to control your pet’s access and keep stray animals out of your home.

The cat or dog door through a wall is installed with a pre-manufactured through-the-wall tunnel made from super-durable epoxy painted marine grade plywood.

Door Installation Schematic

This PetSafe® Staywell® Aluminium Pet Door is available in 4 sizes so you can find the best fit for your best friend. There is a reliable option for every pet you have, large or small.

You need to measure your largest pet to find what size fit the best. Have your pet standing. Measure the widest part of your pet (chest or hips). Then, measure your pet from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest or belly (whichever is greater). Finally and add a few cm to both measurements and see which size fit best comparing to cat or dog door flap dimensions.

Door Size Suitability Pet Size Flap Width Flap Height Frame Dimension (W x H)
Small Cat, Small Dog Up to 7kg 132mm 206mm 201mm x 298mm
Medium Medium Dog Up to 18kg 209mm 311mm 277mm x 400mm
Large Large Dog Up to 45kg 260mm 413mm 329mm x 502mm
Extra Large Extra Large Dog Up to 100 kg 349mm 603mm 417mm x 692mm

How It Works


You need to consider carefully what is the most suitable place in your house for the cat or dog door through a wall. Think about ease of access for your pet, safety, proximity of water, electrical, communication equipment and the look. Take assessment from inside and outside of your home.

Free Video Consultation

Finding suitable place for the pet door is an important step and you may need a professional advise. For that, please call us on 0491 049 604 to book free video consultation.
At the agreed time our technician will direct you via Facetime, Viber or WahtsApp call to conduct initial assessment. It is no obligations call that provide you opportunity to meet our staff and receive indication on suitability, price and timeline.

The call will be followed with indicative quotation. Please note that internal in-wall cables and pipework can make installation more difficult hence final onsite assessment will need to be conducted at your property.


Once you are happy with indicative quotation we will book in an appointment. Our team will arrive at your home to proceed with the final assessment and the installation.
We will use in-wall scanner to make sure that there are no cables and pipes so we can finalise the quote. Until you agree on final quote the visit is free of charge.
The final step is an actual cat or dog door through a wall installation which may take several hours of cutting the wall and fitting the door to your complete satisfaction.

Prices starts from $850

What is included:

  • PetSafe® Staywell® Aluminium Cat or Dog Door (aluminium frame, flap and closing panel)
  • Pre-manufactured through-the-wall tunnel
  • Video consultation
  • On-site assessment
  • Delivery and installation

Important Things to Know

CAUTION: The user, prior to installation, must become familiar with all building codes that may affect the installation of the pet door and determine, along with a licensed contractor, its suitability in a given installation. This pet door is not a fire door. It is important for the owner and contractor to consider any risks that may be present inside or outside of the pet door, and any risks that may be created by subsequent changes to your property and how they may relate to the existence and use, including misuse, of the pet door.

CAUTION: If you have any concerns, please contact qualified professional such as electrician, plumber or telecommunication technician to take further assessment for safety and suitability of selected wall.

WARNING: Small children can pass through the door. When children are present in the home, it is important to consider the pet door during child proofing activities. The pet door may be misused by a child, resulting in the child accessing potential hazards that may be on the other side of the pet door. Purchasers/homeowners with swimming pools should ensure that the pet door is monitored at all times and that the swimming pool has adequate barriers to entry. If a new hazard is created inside or outside of your home which may be accessed through the pet door, Radio Systems® Corporation recommends that you properly guard access to the hazard or remove the pet door. The closing panel or lock, if applicable, is provided for aesthetic and energy efficiency purposes and is not intended as a security device. Radio Systems Corporation will not be liable for unintended use and the purchaser of this product accepts full responsibility for oversight of the opening it creates.

Want to discuss?

0491 049 604

COVID safety

Your safety and our workers safety are our priority. We will be taking all necessary precautions during consultation and installation. Some of the safety measures will include:

  • Our workers will be wearing masks at all times
  • Minimum 1.5m social distancing will be maintained indoors and outdoors
  • Our preference is that you vacate the room during the installation so that our workers can exercise sufficient social distancing