Our Story

We are a family of dog lovers. We grew up with huskies, had Irish setter and are living with mini poodles now.

Dogs are amazing companions and it’s a great joy to see family dog happy and healthy. While spending time outdoors playing and feeding curiosity is critical to a dog wellbeing. Not everyone has enough time to walk dog in park for a long time every day. Definitely, not in our family. Jobs, kids and other responsibilities come in the way all the time. While nothing will replace you spending time with dog, dog’s independent access to a backyard is a real game changer for you and your dog.

That said, hardly any houses come with a doggie door.

When we explored pet’s doors market initially, we realised that the most common solution is a flap put through a timber door, usually in laundry. While this provides cheap solution, not many houses have a suitable door. And, well.. it’s an eye sore.
Our next discovery was a glass door that is far from unexpensive and can only be fitted through floor level windows. Sliding doors and windows with insect screens we had were not suitable at all, so it didn’t work for us.

Thanks to our extensive experience in construction and engineering background we designed and installed doggie door through a brick wall in the kitchen for our dog, Oliver, ourselves. It turned out to be a great solution and Oliver loved it. We loved it too. It looks sleek and located in the spot of choice.

Our friends loved it too, some of them asked us to help with creating solution for them. And we bult more doggie doors over the time.

We realised that we can solve this for other people and created Doggie Door products.

We would love to help you and your dog to find the right solution.